Looking to get into the awesome new sport of Kiteboarding?

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Kitelesson1At 3ME Kite Sports, we want you to learn this extreme sport as quickly and SAFELY as possible. While kiteboarding, we need to share the launch spots with other kiters, beach goers and even casual onlookers. Coexisting and maintaining our access privileges depend on making sure we, as responsible riders, are courteous, safe and knowledgeable about the activity.  Would you buy a parachute, strap it on and jump out of a plane if you’ve “watched a few youtube videos”?  Of course not!  Kiteboarding requires just as much training.  Kites can pull well in excess of 800 lbs. and simply “letting go” isn’t an option when you are harnessed in.  Learning the proper flying techniques, safety systems, and what to do in an emergency are all covered in the first few lessons.

3ME Kite Sports is the only professional and full-time kiteboard school in the area.  Our teaching curriculum is based on the International Kiteboard Organization teaching guidelines.  We employ IKO certified kiteboard instructors and our instructors will share the most up to date kiteboard techniques, training methods and safety protocol specific to the conditions we have in this area. IKO is the world’s leading kiteboarding organization, specializing in kiteboard education, promoting safe practices and enhancing the highest standards for the sport.  We at 3ME Kite Sports strive for pure excellence with the teaching experience by finding the perfect balance of fun and safety while keeping each student’s individuality in mind.  The result is you learning more and progressing faster. We teach kiteboarders from those with absolutely no experience on up to kiters who want to tweak their skills, learn new tricks, etc.

General Lesson Plan

Starts on Land

Kitelesson2Ground school is not only where we start but it’s for everyone and anyone who wants to just try and get an idea of what is involved with kiting and also to gert a feel.  It’s the fundamental course you MUST have before even touching the large kites on the water.  We’ll start slow with a small low power trainer kite.  This allows you to experience and learn to control a multiline kite and not risk injury.  Once we see you’re comfortable, we’ll move to larger and larger kites, learning rigging and safety systems along the way.  We’ll always be directly behind you making sure you are safe and learning the right techniques to master the kite quickly.  By the end of this series of lessons you will have confidence with basic kite control, understand basic wind and kite theory, be knowledgeable in operating your safety systems, learned to rig a kite and have launched & landed a kite.

Water Time!

Key Lessons: Learn to Body Drag (drag your body across the water & tack upwind while doing so), refining kite skills including one handed operation, Practice Self-Rescue

It’s time to hit the water with this series of lessons.  If you have a wetsuit, bring it along, or you can rent or buy from us.  You will rig, launch and fly a larger powerkite until able to do so confidently.  We will head into the water to practice a “relaunch” from the water.  We all crash our kite into the water once in a while but, in lessons, you will learn to recover from this easily. Sometimes the wind dies, equipment malfunctions or other things happen that disable the kite while out in the water a distance.  We’ll show you the correct, easy way to bring you and your equipment back to the beach safely without a tangled mess of lines.  By the end of this series of lessons you will be much more proficient with the kite and at times only needing one hand to control the kite as your steer through the water with the other hand.  You will be able to stay upwind using the kite to drag yourself.

Strap on a Board!

Key Lessons: KITEBOARD!!! This is it.  The moment where we combine everything we’ve learned and you get to kite on the Fresh Waters of Lake Michigan!

kitelesson4No one ever forgets the first few hundred feet they were able to plane on a kiteboard.  We hope to give you that same experience in this lesson.  Using all the techniques taught in the previous lessons, we will guide you on the best way to get up on that board, using the kite as a power source.  Board edging techniques; Getting back upwind; Transitions from one direction to another… everything is covered to become a self sufficient rider.  We will watch you closely and help to correct for the perfect technique.







But the fun isn’t limited to the water!  We also teach landkiting… be it scudding, landboard or buggy… and even snowkiting.  Being proficient in each of these disciplines allows us all to kite here in Chicago year round!

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