Q:  I’m not really in good shape and this looks difficult.  Can I really do this?

A:  We have kiteboarders here in Chicago over 70 years of age.  The youngest kiteboarder is about 6 years old.  Although I can understand that kiteboarding looks difficult, it isn’t.  Some have said that it looks like you need a lot of “upper body” strength.  I can actually steer and jump 30 feet in the air with only my pinkies on the bar (no joke!)  The majority of the kite’s pull goes to the harness which is hugged along your back comfortably.  Quite simply, if you can do 10 jumping jacks you are in shape to kite!  It’s a great all around workout and the only real stress can be on the lower back, but only if you have serious issues already.  A special harness called a seat harness can be requested in advance to not put extra stress on the lower back.